Ren Caltous

Professional Mercenary


Ren Caltous was born in 1994 to a family of factory workers involved in the early stages of the Macross Project and was warped into the SDF-1 on its first launch, however after an accident at the factory his parents, Drake Caltous and Stella Caltous went missing along the rest of his family, except for his youngest sister Miranda Caltous.

Soon after both he and his sister was adopted by Terry Jordan, one of the engineers of the SDF-1. At first Ren didn’t along well with his new family, however he quickly warmed up to Blake Jordan. They soon became great friends and slowly both Ren and his sister warmed up to their new house.

Ren soon joined the UN Spacy as a mechanic. During the final battle and the destruction of the SDF-1 most of his family were killed. The only survivors being his parents who soon after went into hiding and his younger sister, Celeste Caltous.

After the end of the War he joined on with the Colony to Eden as a pilot. He served 8 years and rose to the rank of Captain, before volunteering to be transferred to the R&D division.

Ren Caltous

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